11-Apr-05 AirXonix updated to v1.41. Enhanced graphics!
15-Jun-03 Alonix updated to v2.51. Added new effects
09-May-03 New site design!
30-Aug-02 Alonix updated to v2.1. Added 17 FREE Cheat Codes! New access to all missions!
15-Jul-02 SkyMaze updated to v2.10. Added mouse support, new levels and cheat codes!
03-Jun-02 Alonix updated to v1.17. Fixed bug in save/load. Redesign levels.
25-May-02 Alonix updated to v1.15. Fixed bug in high scores.
27-Apr-02 Alonix v1.11 released!
12-Apr-02 AxySnake updated to v1.15. Randomized music on first game start.
14-Mar-02 SkyMaze updated to v1.18. Controls enchanced and joystick problem fixed.
23-Jan-02 2001 TetRize updated to v2.14. Desktop restoring bug fixed.
19-Jan-02 SkyMaze updated to v1.16.
18-Jan-02 VMCoolumns v3.10 released. Added drag&drop method of units moving!
18-Jan-02 AxySnake v1.14 released.
11-Jan-02 2001 TetRize v2.12 (beta) released. Added new game types and new skins!
05-Dec-01 SkyMaze V1.15 released.
29-Nov-01 SkyMaze V1.1 released.
24-Nov-01 Agent 2002 V1.21 released.
19-Nov-01 The Adrenaline Vault - one of the top gamer destinations on the Internet, has selected AxySnake as one of Top Dozen Shareware Games for 2001!
26-Oct-01 MoneyMania V1.20 released! Added a possibility of loading and saving games.
23-Aug-01 MoneyMania V1.12 first public version released!
16-Aug-01 AxySnake V1.05 released.
05-Aug-01 MoneyMania V1.10 released.
26-Jul-01 AxySnake V1.02 (first public beta) released.
31-May-01 AirXonix V1.36 released. Changes: minor bugs are fixed.
29-May-01 New version of 2001 TetRize (V1.31) released.